Hairdresser does a horrendous job and isn’t even sorry

When you visit a hairdresser, it’s always wise to bring in a photo for your hairdresser to use as a reference.

But you should be warned, that won’t always help you, as one woman found out.

The photo she bought in vs the end result

Sarah Landry has vigorously slammed a Western Vancouver salon for ‘ruining her hair’.

Ms Landry visited the salon on Monday and brought with her a reference photo of a woman with beautiful balayage.

She spent five hours in the salon only to discover her hair looked nothing like she’d hoped. She was also made to pay $200.

During her visit, Ms Landry says her hair became brittle and started to break off, which is when she became upset and refused to pay the bill.

‘I asked for balayage and showed them a photo, then expected to walk out with the finished result,’ she wrote on Facebook.

But we found out that there was more to the story…

The hairdresser in question was said to have already handed her notice in and it was in fact her last day at the salon..

Have you ever had to work in customer service? If you have, we all know those customers who you just want to shout at, deny all their requests or dream up some ways of how you could hypothetically cause them pain..

Just me…? I doubt it!

After speaking with the hairdresser herself, she simply said, “I am not even sorry, she was a horrible woman and I am glad I don’t have to deal with these people anymore”

We spoke to the salon to get a response, which they were cautious to provide.

‘We have offered to fix Ms Landry’s hair, free of charge of course. Our stylist has now left after working with us for 6 years – we could never have predicted this.’ a salon representative said.

We very much doubt that Ms Landry ever wants to return to the salon to be honest!

Always have a proper consultation with multiple hairdressers or one that you trust. Especially if you are undergoing a drastic change.

Oh – and always be polite to people who could get the ultimate revenge!

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